The Ecological Park is located within the premises of Guanajuato Bicentennial Park, is a natural area of about 40 hectares which does need to be reforested to promote regeneration of flora and fauna of the place, to thus rehabilitate the area that may be a lung for the region to purify the air through the capture of CO2.

The Ecological Park, has the potential to develop recreational activities for the visitors of Guanajuato Bicentennial Park, it has a bicycle road that also can be used to practice hiking. This place could be a sanctuary for endemic species as a living museum.


UNWTO, United Nations, Yuriria



UNWTO, United Nations, Parque Bicentenario






Yuriria Lagoon is an artificial lagoon built on 1548 through a canal because of the deviation of river flows of Lerma River. Is considerate as the first post-Columbian hydraulic work built throughout America. The lagoon is located on the Eco geographical region of the temperate zone within the provinces of Bajio Guanajuato and the Volcanic Sierras or the southeast of Guanajuato which belongs to the Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt.

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The Tourism Observatory of the State of Guanajuato has been working for more than 8 years uninterrupted on the presentation of results of tourism activity through an indicator system related with public policy, transparency and results measurement. Currently there are 38 indicators divided in 7 dimensions. Currently we are searching for the reconfiguration our control panel in order to concentrate all the indicators in only 4 dimensions as proposed by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).  

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